We help the global agricultural and food industries ensure product safety, improve quality, and reduce regulatory risk. Using our state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, we offer retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers an extensive array of quality, risk and safety assessments, commodity testing and inspections, auditing, and certification of products, processes and systems to applicable international standards.

Our innovative traceability testing positions us to certify the entire supply chain, which is why ITL Lab is the only independent service provider approved by the world's largest food producers.


  • Quality and Safety Compliance Assessments
  • Food Testing
  • Food Safety Certification and Auditing
  • Agricultural Products Services
  • Advisory Solutions
  • Food Packaging Testing
  • Food Service Equipment Certification
  • Health and Environmental

We Serve Better Than Any Other!

ITL Labs provides state of the art services, both for quality assurance of Raw materials and finished products of various industries. Besides this, the expertise of ASD (Analytical services division) work as a support for regulatory authorities as well the consumers. The methods adopted are of International standards.