Development of new products

Development of new products

Since its inception, ITL Labs has been maintaining its status as an independent, self-supporting contract research organization. It has been recognized as a pioneer contributor to Indian industry through its efforts with technologically innovative applied research approach.

Over the years, the R&D activities of ITL Labs have been expanded covering different areas of materials. The present activities of research involve:

  • Identification of new product, application, process and technology
  • Development of product, process and technology
  • Improvements in the existing product and process
  • Scale up studies to take up development work from lab scale to commercial scale
  • Cost effective measures either by suggesting alternative route or process of manufacturing of a particular product
  • Rendering technical help in preparation of product, application and safety data sheet for capturing market
  • Providing opinion report on the existing product as well as process
  • Product differentiation etc.

The areas in which R&D is being actively pursued are quite varied from polymers, health care, waste utilization to food, agricultural and herbal products.

Thrust Areas

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polymers
  • Composites
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Herbal Products
  • Renewable Resources
  • Waste Utilization
  • Technical Consultancy

Facilities Available

  • Instruments


In view of their versatile properties, / polymers are called wonder materials. They have substituted traditional materials such as metal, glass, wood & concrete either fully or partially in most of the end use applications.

Material Science Division has always been involved in contemporary research and has developed, modified & commercialized a number of processes over the years. The main areas in which MSD deals are:

  • Polymer blends /Alloys
  • Composites
  • Adhesives, coatings & lacquers
  • Healthcare & Bio materials
  • Optimization of polymer processing parameters
  • Scaling up of technologies from lab to pilot scale and eventually commercialization
  • Plastic waste utilization
  • Modification of existing processes and import substitutes

We Serve Better Than Any Other!

ITL Labs provides state of the art services, both for quality assurance of Raw materials and finished products of various industries. Besides this, the expertise of ASD (Analytical services division) work as a support for regulatory authorities as well the consumers. The methods adopted are of International standards.