In an industry facing increasingly complex challenges, ITL Lab offers industry leading expertise, a wide range of services with state of the art facilities and skilled staff with a local presence.

We offer inspection, analytical testing, and advisory services to the Minerals, Exploration, Ore and Mining industries. Through our global network of laboratories, we provide a wide range of analytical services for materials, including precious metals, base metals, and their raw content, such as iron ore, bauxite, coal and coke, as well as bulk commodities. We also conduct environmental monitoring, and offer marine and trade-related inspection and services.

Our Services Include

  • Mineral Sample Preparation
  • Precious Metals Analysis
  • Exploration Geochemistry
  • Minerals Environmental Services
  • Ore Grade Analyses
  • Mine-Site Minerals Laboratories
  • Coal Inspection and Testing
  • Minerals Consulting Services
  • Minerals Inspection and Surveying
  • Robotics and Automated Minerals Laboratory Systems

We Serve Better Than Any Other!

ITL Labs provides state of the art services, both for quality assurance of Raw materials and finished products of various industries. Besides this, the expertise of ASD (Analytical services division) work as a support for regulatory authorities as well the consumers. The methods adopted are of International standards.