Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

Material Science Division has highly competent technical manpower and infrastructure to provide technical consultancy in the following areas:

Herbal Products

  • Consultancy for development of extraction procedure of herbal plants for various ingredients.
  • Consultancy for quality control and lab establishment.
  • Consultancy for pilot plant

Process Modification

ITL Labs can provide help in modification of existing processes for:

  • Yield improvement
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Quality improvement
  • By-product reduction
  • Green technology

Facilities Available

Instrument laboratory ITL Labs has a wide range of state of the art equipment for characterization of polymers, which includes:

Thermal Analysis Instruments
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter 910/TA 2100
  • Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter TA-2910
  • Thermal Gravimetric Analyser-Stanton Redcroft TG 750/770
  • SDT-2960 Simultaneous DTA-TGA with Mass Spectrometer
  • Heat Distortion and Vicat Softening Point Apparatus

Instruments For Rheological Properties

  • Rheocord-RC-90 Torque Rheometer
  • Mixer Module
  • Extruder Module with Single and Conical Twin Screws
  • Haake Rotaviscometer RV-12 & RV-30

Pilot Plant ITL Labs has a rich pilot plant facility housing various processing equipment, which include:

  • Polymer Processing Equipment
  • Injection moulding
  • Extruder with pelletizer
  • Pipe extrusion line
  • Compression moulding
  • Scrap cutter & grinder
  • Two roll mills for rubber/plastic compounding
  • Polymer dispersion kneader with online pelletizer
  • High speed plastic blender
  • Agglomerator
  • Dispersion kneader

Others ITL Labs has a rich pilot plant facility housing various processing equipment, which include:

  • Adhesive coating machine
  • Ball mill
  • Stainless steel / Glass lined reactors
  • Vacuum impregnation unit

We Serve Better Than Any Other!

ITL Labs provides state of the art services, both for quality assurance of Raw materials and finished products of various industries. Besides this, the expertise of ASD (Analytical services division) work as a support for regulatory authorities as well the consumers. The methods adopted are of International standards.